Sailing Summer Camp 2020
Sailing Summer Camp 2020
Sail the Caribbean for 10 days with Ocean College + Academia Tica Summer Camp, January 2020

Once in a lifetime leadership + sailing opportunity for students 14-18

Sailing Summer Camp

Costa Rica, January 10-19, 2020


Once in a lifetime opportunity

Sailing + Leadership + English

Join us in January 2020 for 10 days in an educational trip of a lifetime aboard the Pelican of London, a famous traditional Tall Ship sailing vessel from the UK. This one-of-a-kind program departs from Costa Rica.

We will spend 10 days learning to sail, practicing the skills and taking over the command of the ship alongside our crew. All activities will be conducted in English and will teach you leadership and team work, key values to perform in the 21st century.


a different type of classroom

The Pelican of London

All our crew members are certificated for worldwide sailing, have considerable experience in training students and will enable them to sail, steer and work the Pelican of London. The end goal is that students learn to take control of the ship alongside our crew.

At the end all students get a certificate from the ship about all contents and sailed miles.

All crew members are native English speakers and will enable the students to learn this language in daily. The whole ship’s organization is done in English and can be exercised all day. Remember English shipmanship is the best in the world!


The pelican on its way to costa rica


making friends and getting the job done aboard the ship


being in charge!


learning new skills


communicate, work together, learn about yourself


Leadership, teamwork, problem solving and communication

Adventure, fun & learning

On a sailing ship you have to work together to be able to get ahead. Within the watches, during the board services and in the galley duty students have to work as a team. Finding and accepting roles within a team, working together under difficult conditions, solving conflicts and reaching common goals will enable them to transform their perspective during this adventure.

The project follows the motto: “Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand.”



Learn more about yourself than in any other kind of trip or vacation. A sense of achievement and self-belive will last a lifetime!

make new friends

Sailing on a ship on the Caribbean is one of the coolest things one can ever do. Don’t miss it!

practice your english

This trip will help you develop your language skills in English in a practical, fun and engaging way.


Meet up with german students that have sailed the pelican to costa rica

We will have an extra day of exchange and fun with German students that are currently sailing the ship on its way to Costa Rica from our sister project: Ocean College.

Don’t just do what makes you happy... do what makes you great!
— Charlie Day

Your questions answered


When will this take place?

The program starts on January 10th and ends on January 19th, 2020.

How much does it cost?

At an special introductory price, the full 10-day trip will have a cost of $2500 with all expenses covered including meals, transportation, gear and tuition.

Is sailing safe?

The Pelican of London has been specially constructed to be a learning ship aboard which all safety measures for students and crew are considered. Students will be covered by insurance policy required for this type of ship, special gear will be used while working and orientation and instruction will be provided by our experienced crew. All our crew and instructors are certified. Please note that as in any travel experience, travelers have to acquire a medical travel insurance.

Who can join the program?

This program is open for Costa Rican students ages 14 to 18. You don’t need any specific previous training but being open minded and willing to work are must qualities for everyone on board. You need to have a valid passport for entering Panamá and traveling around.

How do I sign up?

Please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Who is in charge of the program?

The Summer Sailing Camp is a joint project from Ocean College from Germany and Academia Tica Spanish School from Costa Rica. Ocean College is in charge of the ship, the crew and sailing, Academia Tica is in charge of logistics, promotion and will be your main point of contact. This will be Ocean College third trip to Costa Rica, working with Academia Tica to provide an exciting land program for 32 German students that have been traveling for months aboard our ship.

Who will be on the ship?

The Pelican features a worldwide-experienced tall ship crew who will be with the students during the duration of the trip under the direction of Captain Ben.

What are the logistics?

The program departs from San José city on Friday, January 10th to Bocas del Toro, Panamá where students will board the ship to meet and greet the crew and get to know the ship and basic duties. On January 11th the ship will start sailing a round trip on the Caribbean Sea, getting back to shore on Saturday, January 18th. Students will say good-bye to the ship on Sunday 19th and travel to San José with memories for the rest of the year and friends for the rest of their life!

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